Brace Yourself. [Upside-down exclamation point] Felicitaciones [right-side-up exclamation point]. The Costa Rican legislature has decided to preserve the rica-ness of its natural resources, voting unanimously to ban hunting for sport. We saw enough while on a zip-line adventure there to know that every last creature is worth preserving, even our sister (the “brave one”) who had a panic attack in the middle and had to be carried down. We at the BUREAU have no problem with hunting when a) there is an un-endangered population to hunt and b) it's a fair fight. That's why we were not so happy to hear that Wyoming is considering a bill that would allow hunters to use silencers on the barrels of their rifles. Because elk shouldn't be hunted; they should be assassinated. A retired game warden (i.e., one out of every four Wyomingites) opined that it would be a boon for miscreants (i.e. two out every four vagrants wandering about Wyoming)—that “Poachers and other outlaws would just love it.” We think everyone—game included—would be better off playing by the rules and poaching a vintage hunting jacket instead. Produced in waxed or heavy duck canvas, these jackets are ideal for the great outdoors, and for softening (not silencing) the kick from your .22. For those who don't hunt, know this: Vintage, worn-in jackets look better, feel better and cost less than new alternatives. Unfortunately, there's no pocket for a silencer.