Japan Rising

For sons of the Rising Sun

Japan. Where everyone dresses to the nines and lives to 90. Where subcultures have subcultures with splinter factions presided over by people who really get it. Where erotica is rampant but private parts are pixelated. Where Chaos goes to get its affairs in order. The country where classic American style attends finishing school. With the utmost appreciation, affection and love, we bring you this month’s collection. A world of war(drobe) craft, and wall décor, and so much more, but still just a sliver of stunning pie. Bags, spring-weight jackets, shibori scarves and objects for the home. Selected from top vendors, plucked from flea market stalls at 6 a.m. and carried home in a duffel bag from Tokyo in February—with excuses aplenty at customs. Japan Rising. A BUREAU exclusive.